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Why FeedKind?

A natural, sustainable source of protein

Fully traceable from production to the plate

No animal based ingredients or additives

The world’s growing demand for protein is straining traditional resources.

FeedKind® protein is a family of natural, sustainable, and traceable feed ingredients for fish, livestock and pets that is being developed to help meet this demand. Produced via a natural fermentation, it is non-GMO, price competitive with existing sources of protein and produced to the highest quality standards.

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Why FeedKind?

More than just a nutrient, FeedKind protein is an ingredient that has been shown to help maintain a healthy gut in both fish and livestock. As a product from a modern fermentation, FeedKind protein will have a uniform nutrition profile year round and a shelf life of at least a year.

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Our Products

FeedKind protein is a family of products for all animal food applications. FeedKind Aqua protein has been shown to improve growth rates and digestibility in Atlantic salmon. FeedKind Terra is an excellent alternative to fishmeal for weaning piglets.


Produced via a state-of- the-art proprietary fermentation platform, sample quantities of FeedKind protein are currently produced at Calysta’s market introduction facility in Teesside, England and are available today for testing and trials.

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