Atlantic Salmon

Originally developed in Norway for the Atlantic salmon industry, FeedKind Aqua protein has been extensively tested and has a proven ability to support a healthy gut. FeedKind protein does not contain any anti-nutritional factors and can help feed formulators reduce fishmeal levels even further. Improvements in feed efficiency have been seen in several studies and may drive reductions in feed consumption at the farm level.

Rainbow Trout

Similar to Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout fed a diet of FeedKind have demonstrated a healthy gut and an improved feed conversion ratio, potentially improving the function of the digestive tract. With a nutrient density and amino acid profile comparable to fishmeal, FeedKind Aqua protein can easily be incorporated into diets for all life stages, potentially increasing overall nutrient retention and uptake.               

Shrimp and Prawns

The shrimp farming industry continues to be one of the world’s most dynamic aquaculture segments. Shrimp farming has been transformational for many small hold farmers, but continually challenged by disease and traceability concerns. Trials are currently being done in Litopenaeus vannamei to extend FeedKind protein applications to shrimp. The unique traceability features of FeedKind protein can ensure feed ingredients are free from labor rights issues.

Warm Water Finfish

China and Asia are home to more than 90% of the world’s aquaculture. Calysta is working diligently to validate FeedKind protein as a key ingredient in warm water carnivorous fish. As a fishmeal replacement, FeedKind protein has been successful in diets for Seriola species. With high protein digestibility and a favourable amino acid profile, FeedKind protein will work in the world’s most demanding diets.

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