High quality vegan protein

Cat and dog owners have high expectations for their pet’s food and are increasingly conscious about the source, quality, and safety of ingredients used.

In response to the ongoing availability challenges, pet food companies are consistently innovating by introducing new limited-ingredient diets featuring novel proteins. This is where FeedKind Pet steps in. With a remarkable crude protein content exceeding 65% and a rich supply of essential amino acids, it serves as a comprehensive protein source created to meet the specific nutritional requirements of both dogs and cats. Additionally, it boasts excellent digestibility and is highly palatable, appealing to the discerning tastes of both dogs and cats!

FeedKind Pet is produced by controlled fermentation of naturally occurring microbes to deliver a high-quality, healthy, and sustainable source of protein. It can be used in wet or dry food, it’s non-GMO, vegan, grain, gluten, and soy free. Not only that, but its complete amino acid profile supports petfood formulators in designing and delivering a healthy, nutritious, palatable, full vegan pet food.

Sustainable and traceable

Every tonne of FeedKind Pet is a tonne of new protein that doesn’t interfere with the human food chain. The process uses no agricultural land, almost no water, and is very scalable, so it is kind to our planet. This highly controlled production process ensures the absence of contaminants such as pesticides or heavy metals, while delivering consistent safe and nutritious proteins, regardless of the season.

FeedKind Pet has already received approval for pet usage and is acknowledged as organic-compatible within the EU, with more countries soon to follow. Its status as a traceable feed ingredient positions FeedKind Pet to significantly enhance trust in the supply chain for pet food ingredients.

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