Calysseo, our joint venture with worldwide animal nutrition leader Adisseo, produces FeedKind® protein in Chongqing, China. It’s the world’s first industrial-scale FeedKind facility, which uses no animal or plant matter, requires almost no water and no arable land.

Calysta’s FeedKind creates more from less by developing novel food products using the carbon building blocks found in natural gas.

How is FeedKind® made?

Fermentation Oxygen Nitrogen Carbon and Energy Separation Water & Nutrients Drying and Packaging Distribution STEP 1 Gases are mixed in a proprietary fermenter where they are consumed by Calysta's natural microorganisms which form the basis of microbial protein. STEP 2 Microbial protein is separated from the liquid in which it is grown, with water and nutrients returned to the fermenter. STEP 3 Microbial protein is dried and packaged per customer specifications. STEP 4 Products are shipped as ingredients for pet food or animal feed worldwide.

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