At Adisseo we are very pleased to announce that we have established a strategic partnership with Calysta. We have decided to build a 50/50 Joint-Venture – named Calysseo – to develop the exclusive production and distribution of FeedKind® for Asian markets, an innovative feed solution for aquaculture and terrestrial species.

Strong synergies between Adisseo and Calysta

Adisseo is a global leader in animal nutrition with an 80-year history, a strong business and industrial footprint in China, and a robust investment track record combined with strong financing capability in new disruptive technologies. We have always developed value-added solutions for our feed customers through innovation.

Calysta is a leading biotechnology company in the development of alternative protein ingredients with a strong proven technology, backed by continuous intensive R&D investment with a high-tech pilot plant in the UK, demonstrating yield and operating conditions.

With this strategic collaboration combining the agility of a start-up with Adisseo’s expertise, our ambition is to become one of the leaders in sustainable feed Ingredients and additives for aquaculture as well as a major contributor to food safety and sustainability on Asian markets. This is a unique opportunity to add alternative protein to our existing specialty additives portfolio.

We are also looking forward to going further with Calysta and to exploring together new solutions by combining our respective skills in understanding market needs and new technologies.

Calysseo aims to answer a global demand

The world population is growing and it is estimated there will be at least 8 billion people to feed in by 2025. The demand for animal protein is increasing fast and people want to eat better. Seafood consumption is on the rise and China represents more than 60% of total world consumption of seafood. To supplement traditional fishing methods, aquaculture has had to develop and it is now the fastest growing sector with an average growth of 6% per year between 2005 and 2015.

By 2025, aquaculture will become the third largest animal protein source with production growing to more than 100 million tons. The output value of global aqua feed industry is about $40 billion, 70% of which is in Asia, especially in China.

Fish, shrimp and other species in aquaculture are nourished with feed made often from fishmeal and soybean meal. Their current needs for protein cannot be met only through these ingredients alone, which also have a strong impact on the planet, with overexploitation of farmland, high water consumption and overfishing.

We strongly believe in the benefit FeedKind can bring our customers – it is a non-GMO ingredient and its protein profile makes it particularly fit for aqua species.

With FeedKind®, we will be able to tackle one of the key challenges in the aqua business: to provide a reliable supply of sustainable protein. Its production process requires almost no water consumption nor land occupation, resulting in better preservation of natural ocean resources and wild fish. Combined with its traceability features, FeedKind will allow to offer a sustainable, affordable solution with additional benefits on top of its nutritional value to our Customers. This fits perfectly with Adisseo’s DNA.

Looking at the market, China is the world’s biggest producer of seafood by far. With consumer demand for seafood on the rise, the local industry is looking for solutions to accelerate their drive towards this goal. Currently, China imports a significant portion of its fishmeal or soybean meal needs – and of course the source of these proteins can be dependent on international demand and fluctuating weather conditions.

FeedKind is a safe, affordable, sustainable source of protein that can respond to that need – and that is the key reason we have decided to build the first 20kT plant in China.

Adisseo is committed to finding alternatives and innovative solutions.

We are at the heart of the food chain, developing value-added ingredients to vegetal products in order to make healthy and effective feed solutions. This increases value for our customers who can offer healthy, affordable animal protein to end consumers across the world.


Adisseo has always developed and produced high-quality feed additives for aquaculture with an existing portfolio of products – but we are taking our work further.

Our first step forward with this was the opening last December of an R&D Aquaculture lab station in Singapore. It is fully dedicated to nutrition, aquatic animal health, and innovative aquatic science technologies, again, responding to market demand.

Our second step is the launch of Calysseo.

Combining Calysta’s unique technology with Adisseo industrial and commercial expertise will allow us to create a business with significant economic and sustainable impact on Asian aquaculture. In the long run, this will help us provide healthy food for a  growing population, providing a more secure food chain and helping preserve the planet’s natural resources.

Pierre Casamatta, JV Director, Calysseo and Director of Corporate Strategy, Adisseo

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